East Carolina Seniors Golf Association



Provide senior golfers, 50 years and older, the opportunity to participate in competitive golf tournaments, promoting fun and fraternal fellowship. Also provide an opportunity to  play monthly/bi-monthly on various courses in Eastern North Carolina.The association membership will be divided into two groups, 50 to 74 years of age (Seniors) and 75 years of age and older (Super Seniors). All are welcome. For more information contact John Nastasi 252-393-2135

Prize money will be available to winners at the start of the next tournament. However, prize money for the last tournament of the year will be paid out the same day 

This site contains information for all members of East Carolina Seniors Golf Association. In the left pane you will be able to select your 2016 schedule, see pictures of your fellow golfers, see who is on the Board of Directors and get the latest results on  our last tournament. Under the Documents Links you can select, view, and print our constitution and by-laws, 2016 schedule, 2016 application and A Welcome Letter that provides valuable information to all  of our members.

Who to Contact                                                                  


John Nastasi                       
Executive Secretary               





































 ECSGA history:

East Carolina Seniors Golf Association was formed in 1970 and was the original seniors golf association in eastern North Carolina. Records, dating back to 1972, indicate that the President during that year was Kenney Mabuary. Other notable Past presidents were Carl Barnes, Jimmie Downs, Otis Groves, R. C. McDonough,  Jack Wilson Carlyle Rivenbark, Bill Fiske, Jim White, Gene Clayborne, John Marks,  Harold Lail and John Thompson and Michael Marks. Past executive secretaries were William Boyd (14 Yrs), George Herbert (13 Yrs), Adam Corbert (4 Yrs), Ron Ambrose (5 Yrs), Brian Schultz (7 yrs)  Peter DiNuzzo (2yrs) current Executive Secretary John Nastasi.